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Until the end of March, AVIA stations offer you an opportunity to become an
exclusive AVIA Club member. Fill up 20 liters of fuel and you'll get a customer card
that gives you a price advantage on your next visits.
The promotion is valid for the following sites:
 Sofia, Lyulin, 9 Tsaritsa Joanna Blvd.
 Hemus motorway, 45 km
 Bozhurishte, Maxim Gorki district, Khan Kardam Str.
 Vladaya, E871
 Vratsa, 25 Vasil Kanchov Blvd.
 Dupnitsa, centre
 Zlatna Panega
State-of-the-art engines with cutting-edge technology need a fuel that gives them the
necessary vitality. Just like the AVIA fuels supplemented with modern additives. They
ensure better environmentally responsible combustion and cleaner engines. For less
fuel consumption and thus fewer pollutants in our environment.
Together we are stronger.