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AVIA supports the sport

AVIA supports the sport - AVIA Bulgaria
Through AVIA Bulgaria, the brand becomes the general sponsor of the volleyball club Lokomotiv AVIA‘Together we are stronger’ is the motto of the Swiss brand AVIA, founded in 1927. The
company's philosophy is related to the development of gas stations across Europe, currently
owning and managing 3,100 sites through 90 national operators in 15 countries.
Business development is unthinkable without the development of a community and the
support of initiatives that build and nurture values. Through sports, AVIA sees an
opportunity to send messages of unification, common purpose and mission. Volleyball is
one of the sports that combines team effort and audience passion. That is why AVIA chose
to support Lokomotiv AVIA - the successor club of Marek Union Ivkoni, founded in 1997.
Names of famous volleyball players such as Petar Uzunov, Martin Stoev, Lyudmil Naydenov,
Nayden Naydenov, Ivaylo Gavrilov, Tsvetan Sokolov and Elitsa Vasileva are associated with
this club which has been producing national competitors in all age groups for decades. 26
years later, the club's history includes 4 championship titles for men, 6 for juniors, over 15
silver and bronze awards, participation in 11 editions of European club tournaments and 4 in
the Champions League.
Picture: official page club of Marek Union Ivkoni
We are happy that we can now say ‘Lokomotiv AVIA - together we are stronger’!