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New AVIA gas station-style 60s supports the project of ROTARY - "End Polio Now". Recently opened a gas station chain of AVIA not only caused a sensation and garnered fans of vintage cars from near and far, but also joined the cause in the fight against polio. Since the founding of the first Rotary club for more than 100 years in Chicago, Rotary has evolved into the global network, meanwhile, more than 1.2 million members who follow a common vision. They fight and provide assistance and support to those who can not help themselves. The most popular project of Rotary's "End Polio Now", the global fight against poliomyelitis (polio). Club Freudenstadt Rotary is committed to this important project to collect donations. Such an event was organized at the newly opened gas station in sixties style in Kniebis, which Alexander A. Klein invited Rotary his friends. A successful night - not only of great interest to the historical AVIA gas station, but mostly thanks to numerous donations for this good cause.